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About Me

Arely Lagunas is a First-Generation Latina. Born in Mexico and raised in the United States. Arely is a mother of three active children and has been married to her husband for 15 years.

Arely is the Founder and CEO of Evolve HR Leadership & Consulting. Arely leverages her extensive expertise in HR as a visionary leader shaping the workplace of the future and empowering organizations to thrive through strategic HR leadership.


Arely has collaborated with businesses across various industries ranging from manufacturing, trucking, automotive, non for profit, restaurant, marketing, and catering. Her diverse background has provided her with a unique perspective on the evolving challenges and opportunities enabling her to develop innovative solutions that drive organizational excellence. Arely firmly believes that a strong, engaged workforce is the foundation of any successful organization, and her mission is to guide companies in achieving this through strategic HR leadership.


Arely Lagunas is also a forward-thinking Millennial Career & Leadership Coach and founder of CAN (Career Achievers Network) whose mission is to empower individuals to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace. Arely is dedicated to helping millennials discover their true potential and achieve career success that aligns with their unique core values, interests, and strengths. Arely understands the challenges and opportunities that millennials face in their professional journeys. Her journey into the world of career coaching began with her own experiences navigating the twists and turns of the job market, being a mom of three in a workplace setting, and her first-generation experience navigating places where there was lack of women leaders or women of color representation. Arely leverages her expertise to help her clients stand out as a high impact candidate.


Outside of her professional pursuits, Arely is an avid advocate for work-life integration, financial literacy, advocacy and wellness. She believes success is about finding alignment in life. Through her podcast, Dropping Gems Con Muchos Colores, she interviews guests and shares valuable insights on achieving harmony as a professional and mom in the workforce. Her podcast is an audio community focused on celebrating Latina motherhood voices, leading with purpose, breaking barriers, and living bold dreams integrating wellness for overall well-being.


Arely is a Board Member of Latinas on the Plaza since 2021, a nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting women of color to rise to their full potential. Her involvement in this organization reflects her commitment to advancing the aspirations of women and promoting diversity and inclusion.


Additionally, Arely is a contributing author of Latinas Rising Up in HR VII, a global movement of Latinas making a mark in the HR industry.


Arely graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management in 2007. Arely obtained a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management from Capella University in 2012.


Social Links:

Evolve HR & Leadership Consulting

IG: evolvehrleadership FB: EvolveHRLeadership


CAN! (Career & Leadership Coaching)

IG: careerachieversnetwork  FB: CAN!


Dropping Gems Con Muchos Colores Podcast

IG: DroppingGemsConMuchosColores  FB: DroppingGemsConMuchosColores

My Story

In my own quest to balance motherhood and career I stumbled along the way  and found my way back to redefine and attempt to cultivate a work -life integration while taking an active role in motherhood and focusing on my wellbeing. I am still trying and learning and I believe there is so much power in validating and sharing the struggles, lessons, and wins we are exposed to in motherhood and as a  first gen working Latina mom.

A focus on wellness is much needed especially as working moms we tend to take care of everyone else’s needs before ours. And when I mean working moms, I also mean stay at home moms. I was a stay at home mom for a year and I believe during this I have worked the most in my life. It is truly a never ending job. The rewards are of course incomparable but we have to remember to fill our cup first. A happy mom does truly equal more happy kids and we need more genuine stories and experiences shared by mothers like us.

As a latina women and women of color I believe it is important more than ever to use our powerful voices to redefine and start advocating for what a family friendly workplace should look like without sacrificing our career and wellbeing.

We can do this with more awareness and conversation around work life integration, family friendly policies and more women in leadership roles.

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